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A Brief History of Big Guy Hot Sauces!


Back in 2001, die hard hot sauce fan Tim Ruperd was in dire need of a relaxing hobby after a long hot day of construction work. He started gardening, growing some of the best habanero and jalapeno peppers in the Hudson Valley of New York. After that first harvest, the Big Guy started providing family and friends with the fiery spice that was missing from their daily lives - and meals - with his all natural sauces.

Tim makes his sauces in small batches, guaranteeing quality control and just the right amount of BIG LOVE needed for each jar. He uses all natural ingredients and absolutely no fillers when creating his pure pepper powered products.

Big Guy Hot Sauces has only one mission: To take your taste buds to a whole new heat and flavor level while using all natural ingredients.

We are always interested in your feedback in either new flavor combinations or uses for our hot sauces, so please don't hesitate in contacting us anytime.