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Delivering BIG FLAVOR to Any Meal

Beacon, NY’s ‘Master of Peppers’

Whether it’s dips, marinades or cocktails, we have the perfect sauce for you!

We’ve created the perfect combination of hot sauces that are both spicy and flavorful. Using only natural ingredientsand a whole lotta BIG love – our sauces are perfect for dipping, marinades and cocktails.

They’re not just amazing hot sauces,
They’re a way of life!

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ALL Natural Ingredients
NO Preservatives, Additives, or Fillers

Tired of Boring Flavors?

The Right Hot Sauce Can Spice Up Any Meal

Whether it’s dips, marinades or cocktails, we have the perfect sauce for you!

Want some inspiration?

Top your pork sliders with a touch of peach-y goodness!

Having shrimp kabobs? Elevate them with a dip into mango madness!

Make a spicy marinade for your favorite steak using Stupid sauce and marinated peppers.

What a wonderful topping for pizza!

BBQ competition in your neighborhood? The Big Guy puts you in the winner’s circle with the best BBQ sauce around! What will you use it on?

Add some pizzazz to your favorite Bloody Mary!

Try Mango or Peach hot sauce on your morning breakfast sandwich (instead of the usual ketchup). Need more kick? Marinated hot peppers have you covered!

What a wonderful topping for pizza!

Which sauce will become your go-to replacement for cocktail sauce?

Snacking? Feast on this combo of marinated peppers and hard salami on a bagel chip!

Mayonnaise is lovely on a sandwich, isn’t it? Dial it up to superb with the Big Guy Hot Sauce of your choice!

Want a memorable evening? You won’t forget this delicious combination of marinated peppers on brioche toast topped with a bit of feta cheese.

Does your deli sandwich seem boring? Big Guy Hot Sauce to the rescue!

Add some heat to a caprese salad with marinated peppers.

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